School LIbrary

Who is CPCS?
We are college-funding specialists.

We are the resource for parents who want to be

coached on how to maximize financial aid and

minimize their out of pocket costs.

What does CPCS do?
We coach parents on how to strategically position their student so that the school of their choice wants them. We help schools get into a “bidding war” against each other, thus offering the most money for that student. We coach parents on how to legally and ethically make changes to their finances to maximize their potential “need,” and minimize taxes and lost interest.


When should I begin my college search & college planning?
To minimize your stress and maximize your planning effectiveness, starting certain items in the student's 9th grade is recommended. Other aspects, such as the college search, should begin no later than the student’s junior year of high school. College planning should have started when you got the “test results 17 years ago.” The closer your student is to going to college the more challenging it is - but even if your student is a senior in high school - it is still not too late.


Why should I pay for someone to do this process for me?
The same reason you pay a surgeon to perform surgery. You don’t know how to do this as comprehensively as our team can. If you try to do it on your own you may not get the maximum benefit possible. If you work with us we will do everything in our power to provide you with tremendous value and peace of mind.

Why college financial aid officers can’t help you
College advisors will not assist you in picking out the right college or help you fill out the seemingly endless forms. 


How to qualify even if you think you make too much money
College planning is NOT just about need-based aid. Many other planning strategies are available to drastically reduce your out of pocket costs. There are many legal ways to slay the college-funding beast. For example, cash flow strategies, merit-based aid strategies, student positioning strategies, appeal strategies, and more.


Why your accountant is not a good resource
Typical CPA's and accountants are not experts in the nuances of college planning and funding. We will help guide you through the financial incentives, tips, tricks, and shortcuts the colleges don’t want you to discover.



College Funding

How To Pay For Your Child’s College Education

With As Little Out Of Pocket As Possible

The Truth About Scholarships, Financial Aid, And Student Loans –

What The College Aid Officers Aren’t Telling You!


Our mission is to help your child attend the school of their dreams,

WITHOUT sacrificing your dreams in the process.


  • Find the Colleges with The BEST Financial Aid Packages

  • Send Your Child to a Private College For Less Than a State School

  • Reduce Out-of-Pocket College Expenses and Minimize Debt

  • Avoid High Interest Rate Loans

  • Negotiate Down The Price of Tuition

  • Determine the Difference Between Federal, State, and College Money, and How To Qualify For Each


“I believe in the rational, but not in the magical power of education.”

Maria Edgeworth

Professor & Students


There is a lot to navigate today when it comes to planning for your child’s higher education. That is why we specialize in helping today’s busy parents keep on top of all they need to know. Register for an educational workshop or just schedule a free consultation in which we will share with you some of the top planning strategies available today. Covering the cost of college and helping your children realize their dreams doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice yours.

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