CPCS Can Make Your Dream School a Reality!

Did You Know?*

  • Our average family received $19,075 per year in college aid?

  • Our expert Appeals Team increases the average "under-awarded" family's financial aid package by $4,809 per year?

  • We have worked with 822 colleges across the country - including every Ivy league school.             

                   *Through the use of our partner POM College Consulting (POM)

College Costs are Skyrocketing

  •  Costs include tuition, room and board, living expenses, lab fees, computer, phone, etc. 

  •  Four years can cost $80,000 to $200,000 for just one child!

  •  Multiply by the number of kids you have.

  •  Keeps going up by 7-8% every single year.

If you choose to have someone help you, make sure to ask them these questions:

  • Can you show me how to lower my EFC and maximize my eligibility for aid? 

  • Can you help me pick schools that will give me the best aid package—meet most need, more FREE money, less loans, etc.? 

  • Can you help me fill out the FAFSA and CSS Profile forms line by line? 

  • Will you help me negotiate if I get a bad package or less than I expected from each school? 

  •  Can you show me how to pay for college on a tax favored basis if I don’t qualify for financial aid?

We can get colleges to increase your awarded offer

        It is not uncommon for schools to: 

  • Mis-award aid packages
  • Under-award aid packages
  • Compete with other schools



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